8th International Quantum Cascade Laser School and Workshop
IQCLSW 2018, Cassis, France, 2nd-7th Sept. 2018

Poster Prizes

Poster Prizes

Photonics (http://www.mdpi.com/journal/photonics) has kindly sponsored a poster prize of value 430 euros (depending on exchange rates).

Two further student poster cash prizes of 300 euros were also granted by IQCLSW.

The winners poster prizes were evaluated by the scientific committee and announced at the Gala dinner in Cassis on 6th Sept 2018 by Prof. Vasanelli and Prof. Razeghi:

[*Photonics poster prize*]
The MDPI photonics prize was awarded to Azzura Bigioli from University Paris VII for her work on "Antenna-coupled arrays and single patch detector at 9┬Ám" highlighting a new class single-pixel sub-wavelength detectors with high responsivity ideal for coherent detection in the mid-infrared range.

[*IQCLSW poster prize 1*]
The first IQCLSW poster prize was awarded to Martin Kainz from the Technical University of Vienna for his work on "LO-phonon engineering for high temperature terahertz quantum cascade lasers" showing the importance of the LO-phonon depopulation process for THz QCLs, enabling the specific engineering for high operating temperatures.

[*IQCLSW poster prize 2*]
The second IQCLSW poster prize was awarded to Chiara Ciano from University of Rome III for her work on "Germanium Quantum Wells in the Conduction Band for Terahertz Emission on Silicon Substrates" showing THz absorption in n-type strained Ge/SiGe multi-quantum wells, paving a path toward a THz Si-based laser