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Clean room

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Clean rooms of the Paris area :

The department’s clean room was inaugurated in 1981 and entirely recreated in 2007, using local funds allocated by the CNRS, the ‘Île-de-France region’, the French National Research Agency (ANR), the ENS and the French Research Ministry.

Since 2004, the platform is a member the ‘Centrale de Proximité Paris-Centre’, network which gather the clean rooms of the INSP, the ESPCI, the Paris Observatory, and the MPQ laboratory (see below).
The ENS site (140 m2 in the basement of the department) includes basic micro/nano fabrication facilities. The main equipment is the Raith “eline” ebeam lithography system, also other fabrication tools are installed, as an optical lithography system, various vacuum deposition machines (Joule effect, magnetron sputtering, CVD carbon nanotubes grow), etching equipments (wet and dry via a fluoride R.IE) and characterization apparatus (mechanical profilometer, atomic force microscope).

This crucial platform of the department is run by Michael Rosticher, who is working with José Palomo and Aurélie Pierret.

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Clean rooms of the Paris area :