8th International Quantum Cascade Laser School and Workshop
IQCLSW 2018, Cassis, France, 2nd-7th Sept. 2018

Invited Speakers

A number of internationally leading researchers will be presenting at IQCLSW 2018:


Tony Heinz - Stanford, USA

Rupert Huber - University of Regensburg, Germany

Michal Lipson - Columbia University, USA


(Some presentations have been made available next to author name)

Jerome FAIST - ETH Zurich (Switzerland)

Mikhail Belkin - The University of Texas (USA)

PDF - 3.9 Mb
THz QCL sources based on intra-cavity difference-frequency mixing

Gangyi Xu - Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics, China

PDF - 4.2 Mb
Resonator engineering in Terahertz quantum cascade lasers

Karl Unterrainer - TU Wien (Austria)

PDF - 6 Mb
High performance THz quantum cascade lasers

Andreas Hugi - IRsweep (Switzerland)

Alexey Belyanin - Texas A&M University (USA)

PDF - 7 Mb
Nonlinear dynamics of light-matter interaction in quantum cascade lasers

Paolo De Natale - Istituto Nazionale di Ottica CNR and LENS (Italy)

Powerpoint - 9.1 Mb
Controlling QCLs for Frequency Metrology from the Mid-IR to the THz range

Eva Monroy - CEA-Inac (France)

Thomas Grange - NextNano (Germany)

PDF - 3.1 Mb
Modeling electron transport in quantum cascade lasers

Alexandre Delga - III-V lab (France)

Pierre Gellie - Lytid (France)

Gerard Wysocki - Princeton University (USA)

PDF - 7.4 Mb
Dual‐comb quantum/interband cascade laser spectrometers


Joshua Freeman - University of Leeds (UK)

Vincenzo Spagnolo - Technical University of Bari (Italy)

Heinz-Wilhelm Hübers - TU Berlin (Germany)

Manijeh Razeghi - Northwestern University (USA)

Carlo Sirtori - University Paris VII

Anne Amy-Klein - University of Paris 13